Construction sites and workshops

Plant and factories

The growth of the company has led over the years to consider different production sites, to including develop metal works, mechanical processing, sandblasting and painting, thermal and acoustic insulation, piping and other outfitting components constructions.
The main streghts of Siman are the following: the management is composed of qualified personnel (technicians with great professional experience acquired in the most prestigious Italian and north European Shipyard.
The main production process ("driving activities") are under direct control or carried out by internal staff. Competence in the choice of the Supply Chain (careful selection of suppliers and subcontractors and their loyalty).
Prevention and safety at work, SIMAN's constant priority: the group has invested significant resources in this area; the prevention rules are followed not only by SIMAN employees, but also by subcontractors in all operating units

SIMAN currently has several production sites:

Sites dedicated to the construction of semi-finished products, sub-assemblies and components:

La Spezia

Via del Molo 64


Via di Gargalone


Via Massa Avenza


Via Emanueli