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SIMAN has been active for over 34 years, during which it has developed an important knowledge of the mechanical processing sector, ship repairs and all related activities, with deep specialization in the mechanical and propulsion sector.
The continuous growth of the company has led over the years to a close collaboration with the most important superyachts builder, for construction hulls and superstructures both steel and aluminum.

Due the great experience acquired and availing itself with renowned designers, experienced management, skilled workers and specialized subcontractors, at the end of 2018 SIMAN entered in the Yacht market by creating a specific division. The mission of Superyacht Division is to build high quality vessels, shortening the delivery time, very competitive prices.
The interest of shipowners and broker companies in the innovative offer presented by SIMAN was evident right from the start, so much so that, despite the slowdown due to the pandemic , the first 45 meters entirely built by the shipyard was launched. At the same time, the production of other superyachts measuring between 40 and 50 meters was started, with several planned starting in 2023.

In addition to the construction and outfitting of hulls, SIMAN is a leader in the repair, reconditioning and refitting of yachts and mega-yachts and vintage boats, with particular focus on sailing or motor boats, in steel or light alloy from 15 to 60 meters.